Elder Abuse Is A Serious Problem Essay

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An extensive increase in the amount of elderly citizens living in long term care facilities has become very evident in modern society. This is a result of the growing population of elderly citizens and life expectancy increase rate (Jackson & Hafemeister, 2011). With over fifteen hundred residential care facilities in Canada, elder abuse is a serious problem. It includes physical, emotional, social, financial and sexual abuse. A survey that was conducted from Ontario nurses showed that 42% observed an elderly person being abused in the last three years (Dong, Chen et al, 2013). Elder abuse in the facility can harm the facility itself, and also its victims, whether a staff member is abusing a senior or a senior is abusing another senior. The Elder Abuse Ontario (2015) defines elder abuse as a violation of a human being’s essential rights, and that elderly citizens are to be safe and free of violence (Forms of abuse, 2015).
Accurate data on the incidence of elder abuse in long term care facilities is unknown because many cases of abuse go unreported as victims are too scared and fear revenge will result (Jackson & Hafemeister, 2011). However, most recent data from Statistics Canada reports that the rate of elder abuse increased fourteen percent between 2004 and 2009, and approximately 7,900 cases were reported during this period (Public Health Agency..., 2011). From the victims, approximately 61% were women. This is mainly because, on average, women live longer…

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