Essay on Elder Abuse During The United States

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Elder Abuse According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) elder abuse is a growing problem in the United States. The website also says that they do not have the answers on why it happens or how to stop elder abuse but they do have numerous resources available for victims of elder abuse. The organization depends on the people in society to make the necessary call for help if you suspect someone is a victim of elder abuse ( There are two groups that elder abuse falls into, domestic elder abuse and institutional abuse. Domestic elder abuse usually refers to abuse at the hands of someone the elder has a special relationship with such as a spouse, child, sibling, friend or caregiver. Institutional abuse happens in any residential facility such as assisted living communities, group homes, and nursing homes. Elder abuse affects people of all ethnic, social, and financial backgrounds. It also affects both men and women at just about an equal rate ( Some factors that make elders more vulnerable to become victims of abuse are their age, physical disabilities, dementia and cognitive impairment, revenge on a former abuser by a spouse or child. “Particularly in the case of adult children, abusers often are dependent on their victims for financial assistance, housing, and other forms of support. Oftentimes they need this support because of personal problems, such as mental illness, alcohol or drug…

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