Elara Products Case Study

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1. Introduction
This report was prepared for Barbara Russell, Manufacturing Manager for Electra Products. Its purpose is to analyse organisational behaviour and communication issues present at Electra Products.
Electra Products is an 80-year-old company that specialises in electrical products and supplies. The company was once a leading manufacturer. However, due to increased competition, the market shares declined. Departments within the organisation were not communicating efficiently with each other. As a result, this lead to low morale within staffing teams. Many of the current employees are seeking employment elsewhere. Staff are also currently unaccepting of changes being made within the company at the present time.
This report examines job satisfaction staff have at Electra Products. It also analyses how conflict management and perception are factors creating issues when individuals and also departments are communicating with each other. Recommendations are offered in an effort to rectify these issues and rebuild the company’s success. By creating a centralised workplace, implementing a conflict management policy and setting up feedback mechanisms, Electra Products can overcome issues that are current within the organisation.
Assumptions were made in regards to the dynamics between individuals and relationships due to specific information about interpersonal characteristics not being available within the case study. This case-specific information also cannot be retrieved from other
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This can have effects such as a diverse, creative and unique solutions will be generated (Robbins, et al., 2014.). However, the downside to this resolution, is that is it time consuming. Also, members of the group who are making the decisions, all range differently in terms of knowledge, skills and experience, this creates in inequality in views that each member

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