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Chapter 10 – Servant Leadership

Discussion Questions and Exercises

1. What is the historical basis of servant leadership? What are the unique, underlying values of his perspective?
Originating in the seminal work of Greenleaf, servant leadership is a paradoxical approach to leadership that challengers our traditional beliefs about leadership and influence. Servant leadership emphasizes that leaders should be attentive to the needs of the followers, empower them, and help them develop their full human capacities. They build strong relationships, with others, are empathic, and ethical, and lead in ways that serve the greater good of followers, organizations, and the community.

2. In what ways is servant leadership a
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9. How can organizations, and not just individual leaders, become models of servanthood? Is it possible to practice servant leadership in a competitive corporate climate?

Yes it is possible to practice servant leadership in a competitive corporate climate. They will have to give power to individuals and help them become autonomous. One has to be direct, set goals, and be able to teach through training programs. The persons selected must be of high integrity and strong ethics.

10. Why is healing a central characteristic of a servant leader? Can you think of any examples where a leader was equipped to help a follower overcome a problem? How does helping someone become whole, in turn heal the servant leader?

It is a sense of pride and naturalness. A servant leader wants to help and empower another person they don’t want to see them fail. I see this a lot in rehabilitation centers, sick persons are looking for a away out of their problems and they have a leader who has been through the same problems. If they can get one person out of their problems it is extremely rewarding.

11. How does servant leadership foster self-actualization in followers?

Servant leadership fosters self-actualization

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