NJ Water Case Study

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The NJ Water Company is the supplier of clean water in the city of New jersey. The company supplies water to schools, businesses and homes for consumption and general usage. The company has a good reputation but there have been claims that the water supplied by NJ Water Company contains lead. The company seeks to maintain its brand image. They are committed to ensuring that the water they supply is safe and healthy to use and consume. The company aims to comply with both fed and state regulations to ensure the quality of drinking water.
NJ water is free of lead and of high quality. However, lead may dissolve from the lead plumbing. The company has clean sources of water in abundance. They treat the water in order to protect clients who may
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With amid rumors that their water contains lead, NJ Water Company will hold a public relations campaign to address the issue. Many of the members of the community are concerned about the quality and safety of the water that they use and drink. The company wants to assure the members of the public that the water they cook with, drink and bathe is safe. Speakers and professional from the government and the company will speak to the public about the safety of their water. The attendants will also be educated on how the company takes measures to ensure that the water supplied does not contain …show more content…
Social media is a very popular platform to connect and communicate with the community. The company will create Facebook page where information about the PR campaign and the company will be communicated. All the efforts by the company should also b feature in the company’s website. Almost all clients of the company utilize the website. It will therefore be a great way to promote the campaign
Through the evolution of modern technology, internet marketing is critical for any company that needs a cost-effective approach to reaching broader advertising markets. The organization should invest in a well-constructed website that is rich with relevant content including their efforts of reducing lead impurities in the process of purification of water. Also, they should highlight the measures that they have in place for handling any customer complaints concerning the lead contamination issue. This will clearly show that they value their clients and therefore will communicate to a broad consumer

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