Eisenhower vs. Truman Essay

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Eisenhower vs Truman IN THE COLD WAR

Life, Policies and Accomplishments
Life, Policies and Accomplishments
American History

Harry S. Truman was born on May 8, 1884 in Lamar, Missouri. His parents were John Anderson Truman and Martha Ellen Young Truman. He also grew up in a poor family. He only had one brother and one sister. Since he was young, he liked history, government and reading. He went to school but when he was at college he decided to stop attending to it because he had to help to get money for his family. At the age of 35, he married Elizabeth Bess Virginia Wallace and they had a daughter called Margaret Truman.
Truman worked at his father’s farm until he joined the military to participate in World
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His new look policy will help him to contain the Soviet Union and even win back territory that had been already lost.
The main strategies of the New Look were to maintain stability to the U.S. economy while they were getting prepared for the Cold War. Also, the United States was willing to use their nuclear weapons if it was necessary to stop Communism aggression. They were using the Central Intelligence Agency to make covert missions against the soviets and to get infiltrated in their society. The last strategy was to continue making alliances and strengthening the ones that they already had.
Eisenhower didn’t want to be seemed as a threat by the rest of the countries of the world, that is why he stopped the development of arm forces. He didn’t wanted that the other countries of the world think that United States was preparing weapons to be ready for the war because in that way they will think that he wanted to participate at the war and not trying to put an end to the war.
The Eisenhower Doctrine was similar to the Truman Doctrine stated that the United States will provide military and economic assistance to Middle Eastern countries in resisting communist aggression. This doctrine was made to stop the involvement and influence from the Soviets in the Middle East. Eisenhower was willing to help any Middle Eastern country who asked for help against the

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