Eisenhower Served As The President Of United States Essay

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Eisenhower served as the President of United States for a period of eight years. On January 17, 1961 he gave a memorable farewell speech which was broadcasted on TV. The speech is known for the vision of Eisenhower who predicted the strong influence that military-industrial complex will be created on the citizens of Unites States in future. His speech narrates his fears on the massive spending, concerns on planning and deficit spending. He is concerned for the Federal funding that might be more towards the technological and scientific developments. The basis of the speech is to achieve peace in the world and warn the nation for not being excited with the prosperous state and not live for the moment in the youth and glamour while aiming at an easy life. (p.61) According to him, there are big chances that the power will be misplaced and this might persist but the nation must strive for a balance between the freedom and democratic processes. I think the standpoint of Eisenhower is not consistent with that of a military man as he wants the expenditure on the defense strategies to be lessened and want to promote the growth of the country by sparing the federal funds on other things than national defense. Though he believes that the country cannot risk the emergency improvisation, which is required for national defense. As he said that that “the country is compelled to create permanent armaments of vast proportions”
The address by Eisenhower is a simple farewell speech given at…

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