Eight Skills Final Essay

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Eight Skills of the effective legal EIGHT Skills of the effective legal studies student | Interview Final Project | Final Interview and Reflection | | Ashley Walters | 4/1/2011 |

Pages 1 and 2 are the original Interview questions submitted. Pages 3, 4, and 5 are the summary of my interview, and my reflection on this career choice. Page 6 is the notes that were taken during the interview process. There is no cited work because I used no outside sources. |

Ashley Walters
Professor Marie Abdel-Malek
LS100-11: Eight Skills of the Effective Legal Studies Student

Interview Project Proposal

Legal Professional Interviewee Who: William D. Young IV, Attorney at Law. Mr. Young is a Criminal Defense Attorney practicing in
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Mr. Young answered each question accordingly and I found this information to be rather helpful. When I asked Mr. Young why he decided to become an attorney, I learned that he had been drawn to some type of debate his entire life. He was head of his high school debate team. Immediately after high school, he attended the Durham Police Auxiliary Training. He decided rather quickly that this was not for him. He started law school not long after he made the discovery that he did not like being a cop. While he was in law school, he was an undercover Private Investigator.

Among all the choices of law he could have chosen from, he decided on criminal law because he thought that it would be more interesting than working in real estate. He stated that he has no regrets about his decision to practice criminal law. He states that the most difficult part of being a criminal attorney, is that criminal lawyers get cruddy treatment from District Attorneys and Judges. He also says that the scheduling for a criminal attorney is rather hectic at times. The most interesting part of his job, he states, is the people. He says that he is often surprised at the things that the human race is capable of. He was asked if Criminal Law was more challenging than other areas of law. He stated that “real

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