Essay on Egypt And Mesopotami The Cradles Of Western Civilization

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Egypt and Mesopotamia are both considered the “cradles of Western civilization”. These two civilizations helped shape Western and European cultures, though Egypt has slightly a lesser impact than Mesopotamia, which is considered the true origin of Western civilization. These influences have helped set what historians consider “the West”, both past and present, apart from other civilizations around the world. Though Egypt and Mesopotamia both had a profound impact and seem very similar, these two cultures were actually quite different. The environments these two civilizations developed in and around shaped everything from the people’s religion to the roles men and women played in society.
The land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers is considered Mesopotamia. These two rivers strongly impacted the society and culture that formed in this particular part of the world. Though the rivers provided water and fish, these resources were only available to cities located very near the banks and flooding was an almost constant concern. Due to the very dry climate that deserts that lied between the rivers, irrigation was necessary for any kind of agriculture and development. Trade between the cities was hindered because traveling across the desert was dangerous. This caused each Sumerian city to become its own state, leading to constant tension and warfare between the different states. As for Egypt, the Nile River actually unified the civilization and made communication possible…

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