Egypt : A State Of Unrest Essay

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Egypt is located in Northern Africa and borders the Red and the Mediterranean Seas, as well as Libya, the Gaza Strip, and Sudan (Michigan State University, 2016). The country is approximately eight times larger than Ohio. The completion of the Aswan High Dam in 1971 and Lake Nasser, which formed after the dam was completed, have altered the historical place of the Nile River in Egypt. A rapidly growing population (the largest in the Arab world), limited arable land, and dependence on the Nile all continue to strain resources and stress the Egyptian society (Central Intelligence Agency, 2016). Egypt also remains in a cycle of unrest following an uprising in 2011 that lead to the fall of the sitting President Hosni Mubarak.
Current events Those unfamiliar with the muddled state of Egypt can gain a brief synopsis from the following paragraph. As mentioned above, Egypt has been in a state of unrest since 2011. Shortly after the Tunisia revolution, the Egyptian people saw an opportunity to participate in a rebellion of their own. The revolution would lead to President Hosni Mubarak being ousted and pave the way for Egypt to hold their general elections and elect Mohammed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood candidate. As of recently, the Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government.
To begin, Egyptian President Sisi recently met with Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, where he stated the importance of shielding low-income citizens from the…

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