Ego's Blinders Critical Analysis

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Ego’s Blinders: Perspective as a Projection of Success
In his article “Keywords”, Raymond Williams describes three meanings of the word ‘nature’: “(i) the essential quality and character of something, (ii) the inherent force which directs either the world or human beings or both; (iii) the material world itself, taken as including or not including human beings” (219). Different perspectives on nature and its value are present in all forms of literature. William Shakespeare’s play As You Like It introduces the characters Orlando and Duke Senior, whose divergent initial opinions about nature create an effect similar to culture shock for Orlando when they encounter each other in the wilderness. Working off a similar theme, the Duke de Luovo from Ann Radcliffe’s novel A Sicilian Romance defines nature in a very distinct, anthropocentric way that indicates a lack of appreciation for nature. A common theme in both texts is that the way each character views “nature” determines whether or not they find success on their journeys. In this essay, I explore the notion that in the wilderness – defined by Dr. Vin Nardizzi as both the natural world and an uncontrollable force – there is a shift in power from man to nature. I
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Orlando is not a particularly bright man, as his brother denied him any education (Shakespeare 153). Instead, Orlando relies on his physical abilities, as illustrated when he fights and defeats a well-known wrestler (Shakespeare 170). Following the fight, Orlando escapes into the forest of Arden with his servant, Adam, after being warned of his brother’s plan to kill him (Shakespeare 198). When Adam becomes too weak to continue walking, Orlando ventures off and demands food from Duke Senior and his followers who he encounters residing in the forest (Shakespeare

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