Egan stage 1 Essay

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Gerard Egan published the first edition of “the Skilled Helper” in 1975. He added to the concepts of Carl Rogers by putting together a concept on helping based on skills required at different stages, which became known as “Three stage counseling model”. Egan believed that the core conditions of Empathy, Congruence and unconditional positive regard which Carl Rogers initially identified maybe necessary but are not sufficient. Within this essay I am going to demonstrate my knowledge of the core conditions and how these are used within Egan’s Three-Stage Counseling Model.

This is being able to enter the clients own world by stepping into their shoes and being with them from moment to moment. By reflecting back
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This does not mean the counsellor approves of their behavior, it merely means they see them as equal human beings.
Rogers 1996 (Margaret Hough, Counseling skills and Theory)
“Clients are valued without any conditions attached, even when they experience themselves as negative, bad or frightened”.

These core conditions are essential throughout the counselling process, as they will naturally help to build a rapport between the counsellor and the client. It is important that the client feels valued from the beginning as this will help them to open up, once a mutual trust and respect has been established. In addition, with unconditional positive regard, the client must feel that they can discuss any subject without fear of being judged. Allowing the client to progress in their own way, to becoming their own “self”.
Egan’s Three-Stage Model is a solution focused way of working with clients who are struggling to cope with difficult situations or feel they are not living to their full potential.
Effective listening is paramount within a helping relationship which involves many skills one of which is the SOLER position.
S- Sit squarely
O- Open posture
L- Lean towards client
E- Eye contact with client not staring but looking interested in what they are saying
R- Relax
This is an important skill in active listening as it

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