Efp 1 Essay

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A. Culture and Diversity Culture is defined as our way of life, everything that is shared, passed on or transmitted from one generation to the next. Diversity is defined as a state of unlikeness, the condition of being different or a variety or range of different things. Everybody is diverse.
B. Identify four aspects of diversity that have influenced your personal identity. Religion, gender, social status, personality 1a.) Social Status: One observable characteristic is appearance. Growing up, my family was lower middle class in a predominantly upper class town. Although we were always clean, our clothes were often ill-fitting, or third generation hand me downs. This led to a lot of
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D. Identify three aspects of culture or diversity within a school community that you want to have an awareness of as an educator.
Explain how each of the three aspects can contribute to the school community.

As an educator, I want to be able to communicate well with all members within our school community. This includes parents and students who use English as a second language. Spanish is the first language of many of our parents and students. My Spanish is limited to simple phrases, such as "Hi" and "How are you?". Being able to communicate effectively with this part of our community is important to me because I feel they have a lot to contribute to the classroom that is often overlooked. It is also critical to be able to communicate how students are doing in the classroom and to be able to utilize the home as a learning environment as well. Students who use English as a second language often fall behind, or are thought to be slower learners because of how many classrooms are set up. They also spend valuable classroom time out of the classroom in intervention groups. Being able to communicate well with these students and parents will help me help them to reach their full potential. It is also important to be able to communicate efficiently with members of our school community who may have a disability, including but not limited to the hearing impaired, those who are hard of hearing, those with a speech impairment etc.

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