Essay on Effects Of World War II On The Middle East

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East Asia and the Middle East had numerous comparable aspects relating directly to the effects of World War II. Some similarities of the effects of World War II would include environmental effects, spread of new technologies, decolonization/independence, and finally the immense loss of life. Some differences between East Asia and the Middle East consist of economical effects, the Korean War and the Cold War. These effects directly relate to the Second World War’s impact upon East Asia and the Middle East.
The environment was devastated during the Second World War. Leaving the aftermath of the war to have a brutal effect upon the environment. In East Asia, Japan suffered mass devastation due to immense bombing. The atomic bomb, which essentially ended the Second World War, left mass devastation not only upon human life but also the environment. Plant life was demolished due to mass debris and radiation. This made farming a very complicated and difficult task. Pollution of the air and water also occurred in East Asia. In the Middle East, the environment was also negatively affected from World War II. The Middle East Theatre was a region, which covered areas of the Middle East such as Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. This battlefront was active for almost the entire war and left devastating effects after the war. Some of the damaging effects were the death of plant life, pollution of water and scattered debris in much of the region.
Although mass devastation occurred after World…

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