Effects Of White Tailed Deer On The Invasion Of Exotic Plants

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1. Shen X, Bourg NA, McShea WJ, Turner BJ. 2016. Long-term effects of white-tailed deer exclusion on the invasion of exotic plants: a case study in a mid-atlantic temperate forest. PLoS ONE. 11(3): 1-16.

This article examines the impacts of white-tailed deer browsing on invasive plant species, both of these are biotic stressors that impact many forest ecosystems. Researchers in this study used a 4 hectare deer exclosure built in 1991 to study the influence of white-tailed deer, on the abundance of a few invasive and one native plant species, within a 25.6 hectare mature forest plot in the state of Virginia. Their results indicate that high deer density assists in higher abundances of many invasive plant species. They infer that if you decrease local deer populations one will see a drastic decrease in number of invasives being spread. In my paper, my topic is related to this because I will discuss how deer over browsing can spread invasive plant species across their home ranges. The article can support my paper by providing research that helps prove that deer over browsing spread non-native plant species. The authors of this article are research experts and doctors of zoology and habitat ecology from around the world. The article is published in PLOS One, a prestigious journal. The article agrees with the other articles in that deer over browsing is reducing biodiversity in local habitats.

2. Davalos A, Nuzzo V, and Blossey B. 2014. Demographic responses of rare forest…

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