Effects Of Weight Gain On College Students Essay

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The term Freshman 15 is slang that is used to refer to the weight gain in students who enter colleges and universities. Studies have proven that a student is likely to gain approximately 15 pounds in weight within the first year that they join the institution. Weight gain is a problem that widely affects a significant proportion of the society owing to the diseases that may result because of unusual weight gain. Gaining weight may lead to one increasing his or her body mass index leading to one being overweight or suffering cardiac diseases. This paper is a proposal to the solutions that colleges and college students may put in place to solve the problems that result from freshman 15.
First, there is a need to understand the reason why students are likely to gain more weight within their first year in college. To begin with, during the first year, students are unsupervised by their parents or tutors on the course of a meal and the composition of the meals that they undertake. Therefore, many students tend to have meal courses that are deficient of the nutrients that they ought to have in the body. Instead, many students prefer to take in snacks. “Instead of munching chips between classes or stocking your dorm room with ramen noodles and Kraft dinners, opt for more nutritious fuel: nuts, fruit, tuna or hummus packs, Greek yogurt, string cheese, cut vegetables and trail mix (Rosenbloom)”. The foods that are available in the university canteens are also the fast moving consumer…

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