Effects Of Water Scarcity

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Water Scarcity: Its Impacts, Causes, and Solutions
In the nearby city of Flint, Michigan, many people are forced to use bottled water to substitute for their lead-poisoned water. It all began in April 2014, when the government officials of Flint decided to change Flint’s water supply. The water treated by the Detroit Water and Sewage Department was changed to water from the Flint River. It may not seem like a big deal at first, however, all the water from this river was contaminated with lead and the Flint officials failed to apply corrosion treatment to allow for safe drinking water. Much of this contaminated water sources from the aging pipes that supply the water to Flint. It is believed that around 6,000 to 12,000 children have been
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Droughts will become more common in some places, floods in others. Glaciers and snow packs will disappear in some areas, affecting the freshwater supplies to those downstream communities. These changes will combine to make less water available for agriculture, energy generation, cities and ecosystems around the world. Just looking at the United States may be mind boggling. Due to climate change the United States losses nearly $9 billion per year.9 Even with this money spent on the droughts, a constant supply of drinking water is still threatened to be pushed out of balance. An earlier crisis was the ozone depletion in the late 1970s that caused an ozone hole in the stratosphere. This was caused by man-made CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) such as hairspray and air conditioning appliances (prior to the 1970s). All sorts of problems emerged from the crisis, but in the modern world much of the climate change comes from greenhouse gases. As people trap more and more CO2 with not enough ways to take it out, more heat is trapped in the earth. This causes more evaporation, and even less water available than the 2.5% water from

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