Effects Of War Against Vietnam

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The United States did what was the best thing at the time in regard to intervention in Vietnam, but failed miserably. By no means should this war have taken place, United States ignorant or uninformed view of Vietnam’s situation lead to a lot of unneeded deaths and suffering. While intervention in Vietnam could have been beneficial to stop an oppressive government, have a better knowledge of what was going on would have benefited Vietnamese people greatly. Both governments in Vietnam were oppressive, and unfortunately we supported the worst one. Overall not intervening at all would have been more beneficial than what occurred. War against Vietnamese Communism was not an easy decision and had the best intentions based on what United States …show more content…
According to John Kerry that the racism was rampant in the military which would explain the heavy casualties endured by the Vietnamese. The United States intention in this war was to help keep Vietnam from an oppressive government of Communism. The government did not want to create extreme destruction they want to remove Communism in accordance to the Truman Doctrine that allowed for us to support countries to repel an oppressive government, which is more of what United States viewed as an oppressive government. According to Hans Morgenthau countries that have sided with China’s communism have lived peacefully. Also that countries that are still fighting against using American military power are receiving most amount of destruction by Communist government by using military and political power against the people. This does not prove that a Communist government would be beneficial to accept for Vietnam but it might have shielded the country from the amount of destruction it faced trying to oppose it. Regardless of Communism taking over, the war with China was more important and the Vietnam seemed to be more a of battleground of China versus United States, but a full scale attack with a large resource country as China would be devastating. Hans Morgenthau offered a better solution to the problem which was to slowly remove United States from Vietnam after making agreements with the Soviet Union and with China for Vietnam to be a self governing Communist government. This could have appeased United States, Soviet Union and China, while protecting Vietnamese people. However United States blind view of Communism is of extreme oppression that it usually associated with, especially since it is opposite of United States values. The government that United States was fighting to keep was to have

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