Effects Of Vulnerability For Decades

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Vulnerability for Decades
The cheerful morning cartoons turned into a vivid image of a plane flying into one of the World Trade Center towers. Then another plane flying into the second tower. Are we at war? Flames began to blaze as smoke surged through the air, debris raining down like snow, air filled with smoke and wreckage making it hard to breathe. Images of people jumping out of broken windows, some of them on fire, crashing into the sidewalks below. The buildings were ablaze and one collapsed spewing concrete and debris down on the first responders. Our world started to crumble as the magnitude of the disaster became apparent. Watching this while safe at home left me speechless. As these images replayed in my mind a rush of anger and
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Kingsolver mentions that this massive event should be taken as, “a large lesson, so hatefully, wrongfully taught, but many people before us have learned honest truths from wrongful deaths.” Even though we lost several thousand of our people that day, the lessons that we learned protect our skies. The norm for this day and age is the high security in the airports consisting of random searches, having to be specific with the amount of liquids you have and what electronics are being brought on board. We even need to take off our shoes, our belts and any jewelry just in case, and eliminating the possibility of sneaking in some secret weapons. Any wrongful deaths can teach, and the truth of this event has been told in multiple different ways, through stories and it’s being taught in schools using textbooks from the twenty first century on. A new generation didn’t experience 9/11 but will learn about it and that our nation did become vulnerable and the annoying or over protective security they experience with a lot of other things that are their norms was because of this impactful event. These changes may make the time to enter an airport longer but if you have lived through 9/11 you would prefer that than to have another hijacking

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