Effects Of Violence In Media

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In the case of violence in media, the amount of violence needs to be regulated among age groups as today many young children are able to witness inappropriate content throughout all forms of media.
This display of violence in activities that children participate in everyday can have a negative effect on them. Young children often do copy what they see and they are most at risk when it comes to this over exposure of violence. More than ever before our youth is exposed to large amounts of violence from all sources of media: video games, television shows, movies, and basically anything else children can get their hands on.
The days of easily hiding violence from kids is over. We live in the twenty first century and violence is. Our young children
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Movies either get usually G for general audience , PG for parental guidance, PG-13 for parental guidance up to thirteen, or R for restricted. Most of the time scenes from movies will need to be cut so that they can get a certain rating. NC-17, which stands for no children under seventeen, movies often try to get R ratings so that more viewers can see their movie. Is the proper amount of violence cut to make the movie valid? Often times movies will showcase a lot of blood and gore for movies that receive PG-13 ratings. Many things that occur in movies with certain ratings should be questioned to whether or not it should have received that rating. One scene in a movie can change the entire rating. Also to get into a rated R movie all that is required is adult supervision for someone under seventeen. If a child wanted to and the parent allowed it they could get into many graphic films and witness content is far more mature than what they are used to …show more content…
Video games resemble movies in that if a child would like to purchase something that is rated M all that they would need to do is have an adult present at the purchase. This is too easy for children to now experience content that is not made for them. If a game is rated M that means it is for people seventeen and older. Children under seventeen should not be able to play these games. They can still play T and E rated games. Children should not have to witness war like situations in games like Call of Duty especially at the age of under seventeen. If the child does not meet the requirements of being the certain age requirement than they should be prohibited from either viewing or purchasing the video game or movie

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