Effects of Video Games on Youth Essay

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Effects of Video Games on Youth

Technology has been evolving since the days of the cavemen and has become an integral component of our everyday life. Technology has been integrated in education, media, the workplace, and our world runs around the evolution and ever developing fast pace of technology. Modern technology especially effects the youth of today’s day and age, because they have grown up with extremely advanced technology and are completely engrossed by it. The primary concern people have concerning children and technology is the negative effects video games have on their developing mind. Video games may potentially affect children’s attention span, motor skills, computer literacy, and possible cases of violent behavior being
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Others, who agree with the idea, believe the frequency at which children play video games makes it very possible. A recent study at Iowa State University showed that those who play video games 40 hours a week had much more trouble paying attention during long proactive tasks compared to those who only played a few hours a week. There are multiple studies that support the claim that playing video games has a direct relationship with attention deficit disorder (Bailey, 2009). There is another study which was done by the researchers from the Centre for Vision Research at York University in Canada. The study compared a group of 13 men in their early twenties who had played a minimum of four hours a week for the last three years, to a group of 13 men in their early twenties who hadn’t played at all. The subjects were placed in a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine and were asked to preform increasing difficult tasks testing their visual motor skills. The goal of this was to look at ways that video games affect the brain in areas other than just being better at video games. The study found that during the tests the inexperienced gamers relied mostly on their parietal cortex (the brain area dealing with hand eye coordination. On the other hand the experienced gamers showed increased activity in the prefrontal cortex (at the front of the brain). The study shows that

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