Immigration In The 19th Century Essay

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During the 19th century, the United States went through a great deal of change due to industrialization, the growth of businesses, corruption in government, and immigration. All of these impacted the reason for corporations to expand and become more advanced. After the Civil War urbanization and immigration seemed to boom. Immigrants from Asia, Southern and Eastern Europe were looking for a new way of life in America. However this lead to many positive and negative changes in America. *During the 1840s-1850s when the potato crop failed in Ireland, it left many people starving and with disease. They immigrated to the United States in hopes to escape from their desolated country. The immigrants were some of the first poor refugees to ever arrive in America seeking a new way of life. It was very difficult for them to survive at first for no one wanted to help them. Immigrants were willing to come in and work machines with very low pay. From 1870-1900 Americans in the United States worked to adapt to the new changes and ways of life. Big businesses began to put a major effect on the economy by employing immigrants and using them for cheap labor. They were then able to control how …show more content…
The businesses created political corruption because of wealth and power, causing American people to respond with unions to help enforce the evils of big corporations. **During the market revolution, immigrants from the northern states were coming into the United States for a more industrial life. An increase of factories and advancements in transportations were beginning. This is similar during the gilded age while immigrants arrived in hopes to begin a new lifestyle. Many interventions boomed from the market revolution such as the cotton gin, reaper, and steel plow. These continued during the gilded age with the Wright Brothers plane, Edison’s light bulb and Ford’s

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