The Negative Effects Of Drinking

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Drinking can cause harm to many people, there are risks to drinking as well as rules. The rule in the U.S. is that you cannot purchase or consume alcohol until the age of twenty one, while in Europe you are allowed to consume alcohol at the age of eighteen and consume at the age of sixteen as long as there is an adult present. Drinking ages are set because of the number of accidents that have occurred in the past like car accidents, suicides, crime rates and even health related problems. Statistics show that drinking can cause a lot of harm and drinking at an early age comes with irresponsible people which increase the rate of incidents. The age difference might also cause a change in the responsibility but even then conflicts happen …show more content…
Allowing teens to drink gives a greater chance of being diagnosed with health problems as a minor. Europe has increased problems like slow brain development, damage and even the mental well-being; it is caused by drinking and is mainly in citizens still underage. In the U.S. the age is twenty-one but does not mean minors do not drink, many minors in the U.S. still manage to have alcohol illegally. The damage may still be an effect although it will not be as high as it appears in European teens. Many teens have trouble developing fter so much drinking and many even have disease that can be later on diagnosed like, “Cirrhosis death rates in France and Italy were 26.8 and 17 per 100,000” …show more content…
When people drink their behavior may change, behavior can cause chaos at times and even become rebellious. In minors, drinking can not only affect them but can also affect the family members, may times drinking can make them get crazy and act differently especially towards parents. “Not early alcohol initiation but early drunkenness was a risk factor for various adolescent problem behaviors at the age of 15, that is, there was not consistent relationship for the time before the first drunkenness.” Drunkenness causes people to become hard headed at the time and act certain ways, it does not belong to one or the other but to any person who has been drinking and is now drunk. Most of the behaviors that come with drinking can also be “bad thoughts,” bad thoughts as in suicide attempts and many more death related behaviors. As mentioned, in the U.S. the rates of death attempts while drunk happen to be high. “Alcohol use among adolescents has been associated with considering, planning, attempting, and completing

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