Effects Of Trigger Warnings On College Students Essay

1226 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
Colleges have been wrestling with the idea on whether or not trigger warnings should be on a syllabus. Trigger warnings are a forewarning that the material that is going to be discussed or read may be distressing to some people. Although trigger warnings do help give forewarning for certain people that are effected by PTSD or sexual assault. Trigger warnings are codling the minds of college student because it is not expanding their knowledge into present day issues. Why must trigger warning be put on certain topics that are taught/read in college; if the students are going to be faced with these topics when they enter the "real world". By putting trigger warning in a college setting it is making the students not mature enough to handle certain topics. Originally the purpose of trigger warnings have changed over time. According to Julie A. Winterich, “The term “trigger warning” has come to refer to introductory statements on web postings of graphic descriptions of rape, eating disorders and self-harm” (Winterich). An example of this would be if before opening a website, a pop-ad would show the warning of what could be distressing material on the website. But, as time went on trigger warning shifted into the classroom. Students have taken trigger warnings into their own hands because of their past experiences; such as PTSD or sexual assault. Each side of the debate have strong viewpoints from professors and students. Trigger warnings as seen from over the years have been…

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