Effects Of Transition To Parenthood

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Everyday and every moment, people starting not to believe in marriage and see it as unnecessary kind of bonding. Maybe no area in psychology is as overloaded with mislead as that of close relationships. Since love and passion are our strongest emotions, our feelings of happiness on an everyday life that shows the ups and downs of our relationship life. Strong emotions cause us to look for information to guide us so that we can extend the pleasure and shrinking the pain. In consequence, we may look in the wrong places for advice on how to have fulfilling relationships.
The media of nowadays has been taking over on our thirst for relationship knowledge. Popular magazines, entertainment TV shows, and websites often focus on the unhappy celebrity
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What I found the problem with their general research, which based on marriage with and without child, was that they do not actually follow couples through the process; they just simply compared couples at different stages of the family life cycle from engaged into dating through divorce or widow. Also found out that researchers started following couples through the transition to parenthood, they found that many new parents felt their relationship had improved. One of the strongest predictors of satisfaction following the birth of the child was, for women, the feeling that the couple was equally dividing household duties. When it comes right down to it, couple satisfaction following childbirth boils down to who take the …show more content…
It requires a responsible for the care and upbringing of baby or more and that can feel like a heavy weight that only gets heavier as the years go on. A recent study of 1,630 married couples found that those with children reported lower “marital satisfaction” than those who did not have children. Different research showed that after 18 or 20 years of marriage, around that time where kids have grown up and moved out of the house and parents that stayed together were able to regenerate passion and connection. The time halfway the honeymoon and empty nest phases of life, however, was not all that happy. Of course, these surveys and studies do not predict accurately what experience has to be. There are plenty of folks who create happy, close and passionate marriages and they have children too. It’s not always easy to keep marriage healthy and connected when having a family, but it’s most definitely possible. It often found that relationship is better off because of based on their decision to have kids. If it is easy, there is no growth and the strength of understanding. It is excellent to be in love and having a dream to growing old together. But it shows life has a funny way of devastating their plans. When tragedy strike, they will be alone, friends and family will be there for support but losing love one when they are the only focus of their

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