Essay on Effects Of The War On Society

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The war forced americans to take more active roles in society. It changed the way the world worked and ushered us into a new generation. Women began to work,the entertainment industry changed and everyone’s way of life changed as well as how they used resources,how they interacted with each other and how they saw the world. The dynamic of family,the way foreigners were treated and the opportunities offered, forever changed who we were as a nation. The war turned society upside down and changed American society into an entirely new country,a better country. The change the war caused is still evident in modern day society and has shaped us into what we are today.

The war industry forced women to take a more proactive role in society they were no longer relegated to housework.Over 6 million women entered the workforce after the war began,for many this was their first introduction to working. Women were just beginning to break into new jobs and industries during World War II. In addition to women working in factories and on home fronts 350,000 women also joined the armed forces. In May 1942 Congress began a new service branch called the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps they also became Airforce Service Pilot’s. Although women were getting various jobs in the workforce the aviation industry saw the largest increase in female employees. In 1953 they made up 65% of the aviation industry workers in comparison to the 1% they made up prior to the war. Women were changing their role…

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