Essay on Effects Of The War On Drugs

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The Effects of the War on Drugs in Latin America-United States Relations The history of Latin America’s relations with the U.S. has often been one of U.S.’s dominance and power over their affairs. Due to different factors such as Latin America’s low level of development, difficult economic situations, and its political struggle, as well as the U.S. policies of interventionism, good neighbour-ism, and its interest over Latin America’s natural resources, the U.S. has been able to maintain its power over the region, with short periods of diminished control. The relatively recent “drug problem” that has plagued the Americas in the last decades has given the U.S. a new wave of influence over Latin America. The U.S. has established the goal of “defeating narcotics” by declaring a war on drugs. To accomplish this, it has often designed strategies and policies to eradicate the production and distribution of plants like the coca plant and the cannabis plant, used to obtain the primary component in the production of certain drugs. This goal is important to the U.S. because illicit drugs are mainly sold to and consumed by U.S. citizens. Frequently, the U.S. has attempted to solve the “drug problem” by giving aid to major drug-producing countries, such as Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, and most recently, Mexico. These aids have included American military bases on other countries’ lands, military training of the country 's’ troops, and foreign assistance in the form of funds for…

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