The Holocaust: The War Against The Jews

War against the Jews
The war against the Jews was intentional. This was after the years of 1933 when Adolf Hitler took over Germany as the Chancellor where it had started gaining negative reputation worldwide because of Jews horrible treatment. The war was officially launched just after the elections on March 1933 which was being perceived as the initial wave to anti-Jewish violence by the Nazi party (Nolzen 4). Hitler used anti-Semitism as a political firearm to acquire popular support, accusing the Jews for the challenges that Germany faced, such as being defeated in the World War 1, economic depression, and the Bolshevik warning of communism. Hitler’s allegations were conflicting with no truths. Moreover, after he entered power, there were
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Hitler called for a boycott among the businesses owned by Jews and took responsibility by informing the ministers for the events that were just about happen (Friedlander 8). He kept blaming the Jewish for all the misfortunes that had come in Germany thus inciting other individuals into the war against the Jews. There was a removal of the anti-semantic signs existing in the public areas and abandoning of the actions against the Jews before the start of the Berlin Olympic in 1936. This was brought by Hitler’s need to maintain a positive image of his country among other nations. The war intensive increased in the 1938 after the …show more content…
The Second World War brought even more violent actions against the Jews by Hitler thus bringing more intensive destructions and deaths against the community. There was need to among the Jews to acts against the rising negative treatment form the Germans; this lead to war declaration by the Jews communities against the Germans after the Second World War. This was initiated by the fact that U.S.S.R (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) leader, British prime minister and U.S. president at the period were all Jews. Several decisions were formulated regarding the circumstances prevailing within the region regarding Nazi totalitarianism into the Holocaust (Novick 169)
From the review, it is evidently clear that the war was an intentional act as the policies and laws against the Jews were being developed and formulated by the German government. Other countries such as United States and Britain were against this war. This war had been initiated by the German government which called for strict reaction of the German army as well as Hitler’s “final solution” against the

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