Effects Of The Senile Dementia On The Brain Causing Depression

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In today 's world there is so many illnesses, either big or small. People suffer from so many different types doctors and scientists can barely keep up. Yet there is one specific one that continues to grow and grow in today 's life, depression. Many people debate on depression being an actual illness or not, or if it is short term or long term, or if there is just one actual cure for it. Everyone goes through a sad and gloomy time in their life, but it’s not exactly considered depression. Many fail to realize that depression is an actual illness that can be treated. Depression can be treated but many are trying to find the exact cure for it. The Science News Letter of January 16, 1965 states that a “greater understanding of the biochemistry of arteriosclerosis may solve the problem of the senile dementia in the brain causing depression.” (Dr.Kelly) A new experiment they will be trying is giving the ill individual care closer to their homes compared to now where they give them treatment from large custodial institutions. The cost of the treatment will rise, in order to have more efficient treatment, yet both doctors and scientists oddly predict this will not help reduce the illness right away, just help it. Doctors and scientists are looking to make the fastest and healthiest treatment for the human body in order to cure depression.
Many believe depression remains constant throughout the whole time frame of the disgnosis. There are three different stages in depression,…

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