Effects Of The Internet On Society Essay

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The Effects of the Internet on Society
With the continuing evolution of technology in the last decades, it has left many people in doubt whether the internet is a beneficial resource for our society. The argument is that it is affecting the population’s cognitive development and ultimately making them less intelligent. Furthermore, it is argued that not only are personal relationships being affected but most frightening, individuals are starting to lose their privacy especially that of children. Indeed, we cannot ignore all the negative effects that the internet can cause. But by taking the right precautions, most of these consequences can be avoided. The Internet provides our generation with the opportunity to stay connected with their loved ones. Not to mention it also generates great educational and employment resources for people. That concludes that if internet use is limited, depending on the users age, it is not as negative as some people try to make it seem.
Does the internet really have a negative effect on someone’s intelligence? Well according to Nicholas Carr, yes it does. In his article Is Google Making Us Stupid? Carr explains how he and his friends think the internet has changed the way people think and their concentration (314-315). He also adds that according to a study done by scholars at the University College London, the growing use of technology might soon be changing the way we read. Their studies showe that the majority of people that read…

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