Effects Of The Industrial Revolution On Society And Selected Art Movements

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Julian Campbell

This research examines the effect that the Industrial Revolution had on society and selected art movements of the twentieth century. To understand how art was affected by the rapid technological and social changes that occurred; it is important to present a summarized history of the Industrial Revolution. Some historians debate the exact beginning of this event but there is a general consensus that it occurred in mid-eighteenth century England. This period in time was marked by a population shift to urban areas as a result of industrialization. This not only changed how people lived but created a new ideology and economic order. With a growing middle class Capitalism and consumerism created a growing middle class as a result of economic expansion brought about by the industrialization of western societies. Modern art of this time period was no longer bound to the traditional sources of financial support. New artists were free to experiment with the content of their art. Multiple art movements formed over time; three movements have been chosen in this paper. The selected artistic movements are Futurism, Dadaism, and Situationism and they were selected because of the acceptance or rejection of the changes caused by the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution created changes in western society and these changes eventually spread throughout the world. This industrialization in Western Europe and North America brought about…

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