Effects Of The Industrial Revolution On America Essay

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The Effects of the Industrial Revolution Prior to the industrial revolution American businesses did not have the qualities that allowed for efficiency. Making products to sell was a slow process that was too costly for the common man to purchase. The industrial revolution changed every aspect of America’s economic status as it was known, and helped to enable major changes like population shift from rural areas to urban areas, higher availability of resources, and an enormous increase of market values. Every aspect of the industrialization of the United States proved to enable more efficiency in every component of human life. Before the industrial revolution, the majority of the American populace lived in the rural setting. The economy was centralized around agriculture, with farmers who solely depended on themselves to sustain their families. The majority of the American populace participated in agriculture, most historians believe up to ninety percent (Manzione, "Lecture"). The people did not go and buy the products they needed because they were too expensive, but produced their own supplies from making their own clothes to growing their food. The society was mainly localized, and life was not influenced by urban areas. There was not much communication between communities in those days, and the people had their own ideas and beliefs. It was very common that people intermarried within families, and usually were of the same ethnicity (Manzione, "Lecture"). People were very…

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