Effects Of The Healthcare Reform Bill Of 2010 Has On The American Economy

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In this Scenario it talks about the effects that the Healthcare Reform Bill of 2010 has had on the American economy.
Yes, there has been a tremendous amount of individuals who still lack the opportunity to be insured due to living below the poverty level or the lack of having the means, because even though it is offered from their employees the rates are still too expensive for them to be able to afford it for their entire household. Also, there is a stipulation clause that is set in place that puts an emphasis on whether or not one even is eligible for this new found insurance and if one does not meet that quota they are not eligible to even receive the new health insurance. Prior to 2010 this problem with the lack of coverage was in the population of ethnic and racial minorities, but sense then it has spread throughout to even individuals that are not deemed to be in a minority. In order to minimize this problem and cut the number of uninsured by half the government enacted the Affordable Care Act in 2010, to introduce a more accessible type of insurance to all individuals from birth to retirement age. The main objective once implemented was to increase the percentage of insured to 94% leaving only about 31 percent of Americans being uninsured. The article below will elaborate on the roles and responsibilities that a healthcare manager has to go through when dealing with such a dilemma that has acquired from the previous scenario in regards to healthcare reform and how…

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