Effects Of The Gulf Oil Spill Essay examples

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The Gulf oil spill has been recognized as the worst oil spill in U.S. history. The initial environmental impact was obvious, as the water was flooded with oil for 87 days. The surrounding wildlife and marine life coated in oil, and the waters thick with sludge as an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil leaked into the Gulf. Years later, is the Gulf free of oil? We no longer see the discolored waters, and the animals covered in blackness, but the Gulf is still facing lasting challenges with long term effects from the spill. One effect that’s being investigated is the impact on wildlife. For instance, in a study done by the NOAA in 2011, seventeen percent of the dolphins studied where not expected to live. (2) This study was done in Barataria Bay, which was heavily polluted during the spill. They concluded that many of the dolphins were sick. “The researchers concluded that many of the dolphins suffered from moderate to severe lung disease associated with oil contamination. Almost half had "a guarded or worse prognosis, and 17 percent were considered poor or grave, indicating they weren 't expected to live," The study was published in the journal of Environmental Science and Technology. They also found that they were underweight, and had low adrenal hormones. Sea turtles are now stranding themselves at 5 times the rate they were in 2009. (3) Scientists are even finding that seabirds that weren’t directly exposed to the spill are showing effects. Scientists say “…

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