Effects Of The French And Indian War On The American Revolution

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The effect that the French and Indian War had on the coming of the American Revolution was an extreme victory for the British and brought a great impact. Britain got to expand territories and because of the war it also increased their nations debt. The war creates lots of anger towards the colonists among the English who were upset with the disagreements with money. They were upset with all of the taxes that the British were imposing on them for no reason, just because they were in so much debt from the war. The English wanted a change with their government. The English leaders plan against Britain and with the anger from the English for the British policies it all leads up to reasons for the American Revolution. The colonists learned to come together against Britain and work together to overthrow them and get what they want. The English were also still upset with the Proclamation Line because they couldn 't move outward too West because that land is where the Indians were. The French will help the Colonists because the French were not too happy with the outcomes of the French and Indian War. New policies affecting the colonists that the British put in place after the French and Indian War would be the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Tea Act, Intolerable Acts, and Declatory Act. The Stamp Act was a direct British tax on anything that was a printed item. Direct taxes are taxes that you can actually see, the ones that are not included. They had to purchase these documents and with every…

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