Effects Of The First World War Essay examples

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Finally out of the trenches, the world’s leading powers walked over the battlefield, convinced that they had finally achieved piece. But they had not realized that what they had stumbled upon was not piece, but a ticking time bomb set to blow just 20 years later. Soon after, war erupted again and America was dragged back into war by Japan. America did not want to take part in the Second World War. They had learned their lesson the hard way, through the casualties of thousands of their own soldiers. They wanted to stand at a distance and collect what profit they could from the countries that were at war. If Japan had not bombed Pearl Harbor, the United States would not have entered the war because a majority of the population opposed the idea of fighting in another World War after what they learned from fighting the first one. The effects of the First World War were very dire and had a long lasting aftershock on all those who had been a part of the war, either on the front lines or back at home. With more than 300,000 dead and injured soldiers on their hands, America did not want to repeat their past decisions. Additionally, the First World War had happened about 20 years prior to the events of the second. Many men who fought in the First World War would almost be young enough to be drafted into the Second World War by the time it rolled around. Further, people did not want to get separated from the families or their friends. Americans did not want to take part in another…

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