Effects Of The European Union On The World Essay

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We have been hearing about Brexit for some time now and it has been big news not just only in Europe but all over the world. Brexit is going to cause many changes that will affect people and countries all over the world. The term Brexit derives from the terms British and exit from the EU. The British have decided that they want to separate from the European Union which is made up of 28 countries. The decision was made June 23rd and it has been voted on to follow through with Brexit. It is really important to understand what has led the UK to push for this, what are the causes and how this decision will affect the world.
After WWII an economic and political partnership of 28 European countries was formed. The European Union or the EU had a plan of joining the countries and having them work with each other in order to facilitate interaction between countries and ultimately avoid conflicts that could lead up to war. The EU has been in place now for more than 60 years growing into a “single market” (BBC) . The 28 countries have become more like states where most of them use one currency in order to make things easier, the Euro. The Union is made up of four key institutions which help run the EU; the European commission, Parliament, Council and Court of Justice as stated by BBC. Each one carries out an important job such as managing money, creation of laws, execution and the court of justice. The EU requires equal participation in each of these things except that some countries…

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