Effects Of The European Colonies

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After almost three decades of war in Europe the European nations were imposed to create colonies around the world this was known as the commercial revolution which brought colonial, economic and land expansion . The European empire spread throughout the world from the Portuguese in Africa, the British in India to the Spanish in the Philippines, but one discoveries in 1492 had a greater effect on the world. In 1492 a man by the name Christopher Columbus founded the Americas which forced the Europeans to change age old strategies, many called this spark of colonization around the world the age of reconnaissance. Some state that the founding of the Americas had an overall positive effect on the world, meanwhile on the opposite side of the spectrum …show more content…
One negative can be found in a chronicle kept by the Cakchiquel Mayas which stated that there was a stench of death due to the large amounts of Mayans that were dying and how the idea of the nuclear family was being torn apart leaving orphans. This was an example of the native people dying do to foreign European diseases that they(natives) were not accustomed to; this happened to the Mayans by the Spanish and the Native Americans by the British just to allow a new urbanized way of life. But since this chronicle is in on perspective it is bias because some natives living on the Americas welcomed the Europeans with the idea of a noble savage, thinking that their civilization would be free from corruption by the Europeans. Instead of blaming the Europeans the native people should have thought about the consequences that may come from welcoming them. Besides the genocide of one race the new Americas brought the enslavement of another race. As said from King Affonso to the King of Portugal, “ Merchants are taking every day our natives, sons”. In the letter Affonso writes about the selling of Africans and the depopulation of the country do to massive amounts being sold. This letter shows a new geographic perspective on the founding of the Americas, since the letter is only directed to the Europeans. The slave trade cannot only be blamed on the Europeans since it was Africa 's own people selling out rival tribes just to dominate more land, but this was not mentioned in the letter to the King of Portugal. To quote Michel Montaigne, “ The richest, fairest and best part of the world topsiturvied, ruined, and defaced for the traffic”. This can describe the culture that was destroyed by the Europeans not only by disease and by war in the Americas, but also in Africa by kidnapping and selling their culture for the greed of trade. For many this is true and their

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