Essay on Effects Of The Civil War Within The United States

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This lesson’s goal is to enhance the understanding of the effects of the Civil War within the U.S. amongst the African and Native communities, which can provide further understanding of events after the war.
Regional tensions around economic development, slavery, territorial expansion and governance resulted in a Civil War and a period of Reconstruction that led to the abolition of slavery, a more powerful federal government, a renewed push into indigenous nations’ territory and continuing conflict over racial relations. (Civil War and Reconstruction: 1850-1877)

Students will be able to:
1. Complete their unit project that incorporates key points of the Civil War
2. Engage in conversations regarding those affected in the war
1. Review the previous day’s information regarding what was occurring on the battlefields to transition into what is occurring with surrounding communities focusing on African American, Native Americans, and women.
a. Review will include discussion questions to get students to discuss what they understood from yesterday’s lesson to clarify any confusion before moving forward.
2. African American Communities
a. Explaining the role of African Americans participating on the field for both sides
i. Union – fighting for their freedom and new life ii. Confederate – some fought due to slaveholders’ and some after the south allowed enlisting
1. Southerners had them as aid rather than arming them and…

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