Effects Of The Armenian Genocide

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Register to read the introduction… After the Armenian genocide, “Those who survived the massacres have been haunted throughout their lives by sickening memories of those years.” (Kasbarian, 63) The survivors of the horrifying event that took place in Armenia , had to live through their traumatizing memories everyday of their lives. As an effect of the massacre, it left the victims feeling unstable, hate, and the remembrance of torture. According to the survivors, “Stripped of their families, home, and dignity, the survivors and their children still suffer indignities today.” (Kasbarian, 65) Those who suffered from the genocide lost their dignity and identity and weren’t able to move forward in life. Because of this victims felt dehumanized and broken to the point were they lost their happiness and the will to survive. As a consequence of the genocide, it let victims feeling the presence of the horrifying moments of their …show more content…
According to the World Book, “Over one million Cambodians died as a result of execution, starvation, or disease . . .” (World Book, ed., 75) The population had a great decrease by Cambodians being weakened and tortured, which lead to all the murderers. Those who dided from the genocide left behind their belonging and families which resulted to an economic issue because many children were abandon and the country had take responsibility for them. During the Cambodian genocide, “Millions of Cambodians accustomed to city life were now forced into slave labor in Pol Pot’s “killing fields” where they soon began dying from overwork, malnutrition, and disease, on a diet of one tine of rice (180 grams) per person every two days.” (“The History Placeä”) The population of Cambodians decreased by 21% subsequently by the devastating genocide. The consequence of the massacre deprived businesses, homes, and families. A substantial amount of Cambodians were torture to the point were they died and effected

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