Haiti American Occupation

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The United States occupied Haiti from 1915-1934. The period of American occupation in Haiti intended to bring positive change to the nation. One of their aims was to bring a democratic government to Haiti. The success at which the Americans achieve their goal is debatable. Though the American aim to bring an independently functioning Haitian government may seem well, that was not the whole picture of why the United States occupied Haiti. Today the political stability has not improved and is similar to the situation during the occupation. The occupation of Haiti by the United States negatively impacted political stability in Haiti.
Diplomatic relations in with Haiti and the United States started in 1862, fifty-eight years after Haiti gained
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During French rule Haiti was very profitable, but it lost most of its economic power in the world when the plantation system collapsed. The United States wanted tried to reestablish a plantation-type system as a sugar producer during the occupation and also again early on in World War II for rubber but it ultimately did not work, Mintz. In the eyes of the United States the appeal of occupying Haiti was that it was new market to control and the opportunity for wealth to be created. The world was increasingly becoming a global market and the United States wanted more of a stake in the world. The United States was on the leading front of capitalism and free markets. The interest of free markets and capitalism was of little in to a majority of Haitians for the opportunities for investment and expanding their net worth as in …show more content…
First starting 10 years after the occupation in 1925. In the New York Times article September 28, 1925 “Opposition in Haiti Asks 1926 Election” details the upcoming legislative elections in Haiti and the conflicts that may arise because of it. The Haitian people want elections to be held and the president Louis Borno wants to hold elections on his own terms. Due to the conflict that may arise it is asked of the “Washington Government” to step in more specifically it was addressed to Secretary of State of the United States, Frank Kellogg. In the article it was stated that ‘“American officials here and their Haitian agents plan to repeat the coup of 1922 and to have the President elected by the Council of State, a body of twenty-one officials named and revoked by the President of the Republic as he may see fit.”’ The American government want to bring stability to Haiti but they wanted to do when they felt necessary. It can be seen that the negative involvement of the government in Washington. Also their blatant disregard for democracy because the article goes on to state that the constitution and way of government which the Haitians were using was in imposed upon them. Even with the intentional occupation of the country the United States doesn’t have the care to interfere on the political scene and bring about positive

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