Essay about Effects Of Television On American Culture

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Chasity Brown
English 101 – APA
February 17, 2016

The Effects of Television on American Culture Some might say that television has been one of the biggest impacts of the American Cultures. It was invented to be able to supply people with an immeasurable amount of information such as news and entertainment, which is being transported into homes every day. Television can become habitual and have effects which can change the way people live and react to life situations. The majority of children and young adults watch as much as 4-5 hours of TV a day, which influences their lives in many different ways. They usually have poor social skills due to lack of time interacting with others. The abundant amount of graphic images that television displays also has the ability to introduce many different trains of thought into the houses of America. This can become a problem because some television channels negatively influence the youth. When child and young adults view imagines of drugs, sex, and violence that are being shown, they will be more likely to follow. Even though there is not a worldwide agreement on the cause of childhood obesity, excessive weight and body fat are majorly impacted by the over exposure to television and television advertisements in today’s culture. What was created for informational programing and entertainment in the 1950’s is now physical and mental health hazard in the 21st Century. As television started out in 1928 by the inventor, Philo T.…

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