Effects Of Television Friend Or Foe

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TV: Friend or Foe?

From toddlers to senior citizens, television has placed ideas into their viewers’ heads that are false and fantasy-like. There are many shows on this form of entertainment that can be damaging to the human mind. It can put some very bad thoughts into the brain. It also affects behavior, health, and morality. Television in this generation can have a negative influence on viewers of all ages and can have several lasting effects on their minds.
Television can put false and fantasy-like thoughts into your mind. An example of this is how the media says that if you buy the iphone 7 you will be popular. Another is an ad for tobacco that is showing you smoking while surrounded by beautiful girls. This is making people think that
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TV not only affects your attitude towards others, but it also affects the way you act in general. Depending on the networks that you watch, the information that you receive from the news can be very liberal and very conservative and can affect your attitude about politics or political views, crime, and racial issues. Very often you will not get one hundred percent of the facts because it is biased in one way or another. This can persuade you to listen or watch one way or the other. Your attitude can be changed according to the liberal or conservative views. Television has been proven to deteriorate your mind. Television is linked to altered brain structure that can be seen when doing a brain image scan on a kid that watches TV all day and a kid that watches little-to-no TV all day. TV can also cause disorders such as obesity and diabetes. Recent studies show that television contributes to physical inactivity and to commercials and other programs that encourage us to eat more. Paul Tchounwou states in his article “Effect of Television on Obesity and Excess of Weight and Consequences of Health”, that “The results of these studies also indicate that an overt or covert food theme is omnipresent on television” There are many lingering effects of this form of entertainment. An example of this is the sugar intake at the movie theatre. While all these things play into watching TV, staying healthy is the most important …show more content…
TV can cause the loss of the importance of family and their values. For instance, some people will shut themselves up in their room and watch their nightly, hourly, weekly episode. In fact, there are some people that will watch an entire season in a little over a day. These people shut themselves up from others and if it is a family, it can tear the family apart. TV can persuade you to act a way that you wouldn't normally act. Some examples of this are crime shows, vandalism, and suicide. A lot of vandals get their ideas off of the media. And there are countless amounts of students that see episodes of people giving up and killing themselves and decide to follow. Also young children cannot distinguish between real life and false TV shows. Studies show that while television may be a great way to entertain rowdy children, it is not so good for their emotional state. A lot of kids will get dreams and shows mixed up with real life memories. Less exposure to it could lead to less opportunity to copy bad behaviours on

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