Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy

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39% of sexually active adolescents have reported to only using a condom sometime if at all, meaning there are high numbers of unprotected sex taking place. With statistics showing that adolescents are not only taking place in sexual activity younger as well as more teens are reporting sexually transmitted infections (STI). A recent study across Australia of adolescents in years 10-12 have shown that 78% of these students have participated in some form of sexual activity, as well as over one quarter of year 10 students and half of year 12 students have experienced sexual intercourse. With a total of 40% students in total reporting they have undertaken sexual intercourse witch has increases by 5% since 2002.
Adolescents are undertaking sexual
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Australia 's statistics reflect the US trend on teen pregnancy, teen pregnancy has declined from 13,373 in 1996 to 12,983 in 1999. The decline in teen pregnancy has been uninspected due the growing number of adolescents taking part in unprotected sex however the Australian Government of health believes this is due to the amount if indigenous women who took place in childbearing at young ages. Having a higher birth rates in their adolescent years with 22% indigenous mothers being under the age of 20, and as the indigenous population has slowly started to transition into the Australian cutler the rate of teen pregnancy with in the Indigenous community has decreased …show more content…
An individual’s physical health and be compromised by undertaking in unprotected sexual activity and the risk of the outcome and individual can become sick from STI 's as well as pregnancy. And individuals health can also be effected by their emotional, mental, and spiritual health (EMS), the risks established with unprotected sexual activity can assisted in and adolescent from suffering from depression or anxiety on the fear of being judged by their peers as well as assisted in adolescents having a bad outlook on sexual activity in the future. The Social and cultural health of adolescents is also at risk when taking place in unprotected sexual activity as others such as an adolescents friends and family or even an adolescents Religion might not support the decision made or the possible outcomes of unprotected sex such as teen pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy and STI

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