Essay on Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On Mental Health

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The Impact of Teenage Pregnancy on Mental Health
In the United States, it is not uncommon to come in contact with expectant teenage mothers or already-teenage mothers on an almost everyday basis. Though the teen pregnancy rate has decreased by half since 1990, hundreds of thousands of adolescents, between the ages of fifteen and nineteen years old, become pregnant each year. The United States is in the lead for having the highest number of teenage pregnancies, compared to other developed countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom (The Office of Adolescent Health). The research that was conducted for this paper proves that pregnancy does in fact have an effect on a young woman 's mental health. Pregnancy in adolescence will not only affect the young woman 's mental health, but it can also affect their children and their outcomes.
Adolescent girls who become pregnant will likely face many detriments through their pregnancy and well after. For instance, teenage mothers are more likely to become a single parent, whether that 's initially the case, or if it happens after birth. Approximately 80% of women who get married as pregnant teenagers or because of teen pregnancy, get divorced (Sexual Issues). When a child is born into a single-parent home, it almost immediately sets a pattern of instability in their mind. This mainly begins with unstable living arrangements. Teen mothers are most likely to live with their…

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