Depression In Adolescents

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Depression is a mental disorder characterized by prolonged periods of sadness, low self-esteem and lack of interest in things around one who has it. Struggling with identity issues and depression, consequently results in problems for the one who has it as well as others. In the last decade, depression has affected mostly young people. Several studies were implemented in young students of elementary school in order to determine whether depression affects women and men equally ( Romilda , Silvana , Mirjana and Zeljka 166 ). Researchers showed that there is not a big difference between boys and girls with depression concerns; perhaps, this study found out that the emotional level in girls is higher than boys. However, they came to the conclusion …show more content…
Generally adolescents experiment lethargic and difficulties to express their thoughts. Depressed young people don’t ask for help at school, as a result of their negative thinking thoughts: no one can help me, nobody cares about me (Cash, 2003). Considering depression a critical condition is essential that every school provide a variety of options or accommodations. Instructional strategies improve student’s success (50). In Rita’s case the individual approach help her teacher to identify depression issues. Rita’s teacher, was worried and share her concerns with Rita’s parent, they felt relieved that the school was interested and involved in her condition. The school’s to eagerness to participate with them to address Rita’s worthless, and take decisions about the different procedures to help her. School strongly recommends that Rita’s parent have to look for professional help, in that way working in team help Rita to improve their life. Psychologist recommends that Rita start an active role in setting her goals. This help to her to learn self-management skills, which would help her in a future to manage her depressive thoughts (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007). This cases help other schools in implementing more programs and be prepared to support students with behavioral problems. Although schools have to become more collaborative in their approach to working with parents and adolescents, the parents become supportive with teachers when they recognize students presenting this issue. Depression is a critical condition, and it needs (Placeholder1) to be monitored very often, and identify their consequences, giving the students the opportunity to control this

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