Essay on Effects of Technology

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Effects of Technology Technology has revolutionized the world, with many new innovations and inventions such as the internet and televisions that hang on the wall. But there is one product that technology has put the seal on, and that is the cellular phones, since this product was invented its popularity has grown enormously and cannot be missed in any home. There are all types of brands and kinds of phones from the one that you just make a phone call to the one that you can work from, it is amazing what a cellular phone can do for a person this days. The technology of cellular phones can have two different effects on people: it can turn out to be an essential part of the basic needs in today’s world, or it can be dangerous when not …show more content…
Communicating with family members and friends today is convenient. Last week my grandmother had a big heart surgery, and thanks to the cell phone I was able to keep in touch while she was in the hospital. I did not have to fly to New York because my sister was there and I have to take care of my daughters and by calling her twice a day I was able to know about my grandmother’s progress. Using the new technology correctly makes our lives easier. During natural disasters the use of cellular phones can save many lives. Hurricane Andrew hit Miami in August 24, 1992; I had only lived here for a month and my father had to work that night, if it would not have been for a cell phone my dad would not be able to communicate with us, while the storm was passing. By using the cellular phone people can communicate with family, at work or as well as anywhere in times of emergencies. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I felt dizzy. I was able to reach my husband promptly on the cell phone, so he came and took me to South Miami Hospital. Thankfully we got there on time because I was having early contractions. Doctors did everything possible to ensure a successful delivery. If I would not have the cellular phone, I would have to try to get help from the neighbors to get to the hospital or maybe I would have to have my baby at home. Using the cellular phone while driving can be very distracting and

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