Effects Of Technology On The Development Of Children Essay

1808 Words Dec 1st, 2016 8 Pages
With forty-eight percent of families living with children ranging from ages 2-17 owning at least the four entertainment staples; television, VCR, computer, and video games; It’s no surprise that technology is impacting the development of children in this new modern era (Woodward and Gridina). As the effects of technology’s impact on the growth of children is brought to light, it is time to take control and insure its positive use in society. Technology is limiting the growth of the essential categories of positive development in children: psychological, physical, and social development. Technology is decreasing parent to child interactions, which play one of the largest roles in the psychological development of a child, especially within the first years of their life. A child’s positive mental growth relies on the interlocking and strengthening of four core aspects of social and emotional well-being. These core aspects are controlling their actions in certain, especially new, situations, developing attachment to their caregiver, nurturing the ability to cooperate with others, and learning how to control their emotions (“What Do We”). A positive relationship with their caregiver is known to lead to healthier relationships with peers and even higher academic achievement later on in life. When a parent establishes a trusting and strong relationship with a child, the child can then gain the confidence to explore their surroundings without worrying about their own safety. Also,…

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