Effects Of Technology On Health Care

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Technology and its Effects
The term technology originated from the Greek word ‘technologia’. Technology refers to the use of machines and various tools that make our daily work lives simpler, easier and more organized. The word also describes the different gadgets, and resources used by humans to help them control and adapt to their environment appropriately (Bridgman 5). In factories, technology planted in smart machines can store massive amount of data, and it boosts the production. Embedding technology in computers and smart devices such as phones and tablets is also very common. Various ancient discoveries such as the invention of the wheel, the discovery of how to control fire and the Neolithic Revolution have played a major role in modern
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Businesses have now embraced the use of e-mail to send messages, and they can place their advertisements online to reach as many customers as possible (Gopal 44). Modern day mobile technology enables workers to communicate while on the move, unlike previous static telephones. Digital filing systems have improved business efficiency in places of work and also reduced printing and paper cost. Video conferencing has reduced traveling cost and eliminated time wastage within businesses. Similarly, technology has improved efficiency in the healthcare sector.
The healthcare sector benefits tremendously from the use of technology. Healthcare technology has improved hospital organization and efficiency in the services they offer. Technology has improved file management systems making the retrieval of patients’ records fast and easy (Spekowius and Wendler 75). Innovations in digital technologies have enabled patients to use portable devices like tablets to access their medical records. Patients can also monitor their critical signs and carry various medical tests away from a health
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The inappropriate or overuse of technology has proved a major challenge in modern day society. It is important that we all identify the harmful effects of technology to avoid them as much as possible. Among the negative effects of technology, include social isolation. The excessive use of technology has reduced the level of human contact with friends and relatives especially at our places of work and homes. Many people also rarely involve themselves in social activities as they are busy chatting with their virtual friends on various social media platforms. Scientific research has shown that socially isolated individuals lead shorter lives as compared to their more social counterparts. Such social misfits have a higher risk of suffering from various health related complications like depression, heart diseases, etc. Technology practitioners propose that people should engage themselves actively in social activities such as sports and family

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