Effects Of Taking A Break Essay

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Taking a Break
Did your first year of college stress you out? Did it feel overwhelming just getting out of high school and then immediately jumping into a new school that is completely different? Many people feel pressured to start college right away because that’s how it is traditionally done. After fighting through high school and pushing yourself to meet graduation expectations, it can be exhausting. We work hard to pass classes, take SATs, browse colleges, choose a college, and getting accepted, all while meeting the grading criteria that it takes to graduate high school. This can burn you out, and that is not a good way to start off your college experience. Another thing about college is that it usually isn’t cheap. Few people may have
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The whole point of college is to prepare you for your future career and it doesn’t help when you owe someone loads of money. If you actually can find a job right out of college, you have the burden of having to pay off your loans and can hold you back from being able to support yourself. By taking a year off after high school, you can grow as a person and get more experience in the world before jumping into college. Some people think that it would be a lazy choice to take a year off. While everyone around them is hustling to get their education done and find a job, they feel pressured to keep up with the pace. This, however, may not be the best choice. Taking a year off allows you to go out and grow as a person. It allows you to get a job and earn money for college. A gap year is a great opportunity to grow and learn more about the world. Many people who participate in the gap year get a better sense of who they are as a person and what is important to them. Being able to go off by yourself in the real world allows you to meet new people and experience different cultures by truly breaking out of that high school bubble that you have been …show more content…
The entire time they have been focusing on graduation and not for what comes after. The average American spends 22.5% of their life in school, and 51.5% working, School is important, but most of your life is the work after school. Book knowledge only gets you so far. It’s more important to know who you are as a person and to know what you want in order to have a satisfying lifestyle ahead. Taking a year off allows you to breathe and take a break from the high school pressure you experienced before. It allows you to go into the world and find out your identity and what you are looking for in your life. Every person is unique and in high school it is hard to embrace that because of the social normality that is present in most high schools around the nation. Most people are focused on the income of a job and don’t think about the fact that it could run them dry if they continue to do something in the future that they don’t enjoy. Statistics have shown that more people are satisfied with their jobs when they take a year off because it allows them to really focus on what they want instead of blindly choosing a degree fresh out of high school. It has also been shown that more people stay with the degree they chose after taking a yearlong break after high school. This saves the student time and money by knowing the classes they should be taking in order to reach

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